Make hay while the sun shines

Solar PanelAlthough people are using solar energy in Pakistan at different levels yet its use is limited to certain areas of application and at very few locations. We feel honour to introduce it at common man's level so that its benefits are derived by all. This way, we are using a bottom to top approach, rather than top to bottom approach. It is still a very novel idea in this country. Because we are used to hydel electricity or thermal electricity only. There are few atomic energy based plants also at Karachi and Chashma, Mianwali...(Click here for more)

You can use this energy for any purpose

  • Are you worried about the load shedding by WAPDA?

  • OR you do not have any electricity at your place?

  • Do not worry! Your problems are over.

  • In the beginning this is a somewhat costly bargain; but in the long run get free electricity for 20 to 25 years of life time.

  • Pakistan needs solar energy. This is the need of future. Share your problems with us.

  • For those areas of Pakistan where electricity just does not exist, this system is a gift of God.

  • Shahbaz Sharif, the Chief Minister of Punjab, Pakistan has a plan to install 50-100 MW solar electricity plants in Punjab with the help of China and Germany. Federal Govt. is also working on many such projects to make it up to 1000 MW....(recent news 2013-14).

    All Mobile Phones' Towers and BILL BOARDS must be converted to solar power before 30.06.2010. WAPDA supply will be cut off from them... orders by Secretary of Electricity and Irrigation, Govt. of Punjab...(16.6.2010)

    We are also  working in collaboration with the: American Pak Energies a subsidiary of American (USA) company in establishing  another 50 MW solar electric power plant in southern Punjab, Pakistan with an investment of 250 million US dollars. Licence has been granted by the Federal Govt. recently...(14.8.2010)

  • You can also use it for running water pumps.

  • A significant chunk of scarce electricity is used for advertising through bill boards and neon signs. Government discourages this usage, but businesses cannot do without it. WAPDA is not dependable. UPS is not a viable alternative either.                              Here we are to assist.

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