Now: The Solar Energy At Homes

  • Are you worried about the load shedding by WAPDA?

  • OR you do not have any electricity at your place?

  • Do not worry! Your problems are over.

  • In the beginning this is a somewhat costly bargain; but in the long run get free electricity for 20 to 25 years of life time.

  • Pakistan needs solar energy. This is the need of future. Share your problems with us.

  • For those areas of Pakistan where electricity just does not exist, this system is a gift of God.

  • You can also use it for running water pumps.

  • A significant chunk of scarce electricity is used for advertising through bill boards and neon signs. Government discourages this usage, but businesses cannot do without it. WAPDA is not dependable. UPS is not a viable alternative either.                              Here we are to assist.

  • Estimate of expenditure for a small unit with maitenance-free batteries :  We have stopped manufacturing very small units. The smallest which we produce, now,  of maximum load capacity of 1000 watts, is of price :


    The rates are according to the prevailing dollar exchange rate (1 US$ = Rs.90/- ).

            Note: We can supply bigger units to fulfill all the home needs. Which can be used during day and night.

            If you need pollution free electricity which is the demand of future, then come and get your orders booked on first come and first  served basis.

  • For details, please, see our contact information (Click me) then come and see it by yourself. All the material is imported and reliable.



            between an ordinary UPS and a Solar Unit:

    The UPS depends upon WAPDA. If there is no WAPDA, it stops working.

    Long load sheddings bring down its output to zero.

    It consumes a good amount of electricity.

             All the above stated drawbacks are not in a Solar unit, except it depends upon sun.


              SOME DETAILS:

    Unit  of maximum Load capacity of 1000 watts can run a middle size fan of 40 watts for whole day and  night and 2 energy savers of 13 watts for whole night; OR a water pump of quarter horse power for six hours; OR a TV of 20 inches or a computer for 8 hours, etc., etc. This is enough for a very small home.

    If you use small fans of lower wattage, i.e., 20 watts you can use two fans instead of one. You can put a load of 1000 watts approximately on it at one time.