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1.   You are hereby invited to join our tourist club by writing to us:

       If you have any good experience of travelling in Pakistan or abroad and you like our readers to share your experience, contact us, we shall publish it in our web and ask our readers to comment upon it . We can publish connected photographs as well. Please, mind that the material must be modest and up to mark.

2.    If you have any true but brief incident of life to tell which can be of benefit to our readers we shall publish it.  Readers are encouraged to comment upon this as well.


                               BOOK EDITING/REVIEW


A  great News for English book writers. If you are not sure about the correctness of your language, we can get it done for you by our very experienced linguists. They will not only correct its errors but will make its presentation  idiomatic and as per modern usage involving French phrases, etc. 



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