User's Guide

1. First time it can take from two to three shiny days to charge the batteries. If you like to make use of the solar unit immediately, get the battery charged from any battery shop before connecting it to the solar unit.

2. For longer life do not get battery charged from any battery shop afterwards on regular basis. Let it be charged by the sun. During rainy or cloudy days reduce its use as per the situation. Because it depends on shining sun. SAVE it from hail storms otherwise the solar panel will be broken.

3. When you remove the battery for some purpose, do not use the solar unit directly. It can burn the AC making unit.

4. Never connect it with the home electricity. Keep its use separate. This is for its and your safety.

5. Take care of the positive and negative of the solar panel and the inverter and the battery. Wrong connection will destroy it, under entirely users' own responsibility.

6. Keep the solar unit except the solar panels in shade. Direct temperatures of more than 40 degree centigrade to the solar unit except panels are dangerous to it.

7. If you make use of the above precautions, your battery can go for three years. Solar panel can go for 20 to 25 years.  Inverter system can also have long life of many years whose normal warranty is of six months, time oriented.

8. Take care of the water level of battery. Use clean filtered water. Do not fill it above the higher level and do not let it  fall below the lower level. We provide maintenance-free batteries.

9. Keep the solar panel free of dust.

10. If you make wrong use and destroy it, responsibility will be entirely of the user.


In case you get whole of your home on solar energy, the system can be connected to your house hold electric-wiring. For small units, it is not recommended.