Simky Solar Laboratories,Lahore, Pakistan

Although people are using solar energy in Pakistan at different levels yet its use is limited to certain areas of application and at very few locations.

We feel honour to introduce it at common man's level so that its benefits are derived by all. This way, we are using a bottom to top approach, rather than top to bottom approach.

It is still a very novel idea in this country. Because we are used to hydel electricity or thermal electricity only. There are few atomic energy based plants also at Karachi and Chashma, Mianwali.

The main factor which is limiting some other resources is the cost and available technology. The wind produced electricity is possible only at coastal sea line or near by areas. It is also possible in the windy mountainous areas.  Solar energy is a very pollution free and quiet way of producing electricity. But its cost is high compared to other sources. From hydel or atomic energy it is the cheapest. Here initial cost is high but then it goes for fifty to hundred years. It also takes time to establish these plants. Thermal energy is quicker and cheaper to produce, but its operational cost is high and its life time is also small in comparison.

  One can compare solar electricity to hydel or atomic electricity for cost benefit ratio. Its plus point is quicker and easy installation. Its life is also long with a minimum span of twenty five years. Its output falls by roughly 20 percent afterwards but can go for many decades again. Solar panels are delicate to install. They must be protected from vandalism later on. This is the only caretaking point in it. Because they are made of glass. They require a good amount of land area to be installed. Depending upon the quality and efficiency of the solar panel its cost is based. In space technology, it is the only source of energy. They are very efficient and very costly. For commercial purpose, its cost and somewhat efficiency is lowered. But still it is highly workable.

It is extremely helpful for NEON lights or night advertisements of big commercial concerns where electricity is just not allowed or is limited. The normal illumination used by ad-board makers is 10 watts of tube light per square ft. We have introduced about 4.5 watts per square ft. of energy savers. There are specially prepared diode illuminating lights for this purpose. If they are  readily available, one can use them also. But they are costly. There are some companies in Pakistan who have introduced such lights for street-lights' purpose.

We use cost effective and efficient solar panels of A-class. These are imported to Pakistan. Other connected products are also imported as far as workable. We have introduced three basic Solar units to the public. These  introductory units are of maximum Load capacity of 1000 Watts, 1800 Watts and 2800 Watts. They all use maintenance-free batteries. Some detail is given in the table below:

Govt. of Pakistan has introduced solar power provision of 80 watts for ten hour daily for very small households at various areas of Pakistan. But these units do not produce household alternating current. All the things work on battery. Our smallest unit is bigger than such units.

          Estimate            Capacity   Daily  Consumption           Suitability
     Rs.53,000 with batteries     maximum Load capacity= about  1000  Watts  Sufficient for very small houses       Very small  houses
   Rs. 248,000 with batteries     maximum Load capacity= about  1800  Watts           5 to 6 Units

         of   Electricity

         small  homes;               no air conditioners
   Rs. 4,95,000 with batteries      maximum Load capacity= about  2800 Watts         10 to 12 Units

         of   Electricity

       Medium  homes;            no air conditioners

And there is no limit to the highest level going to thousands of Watts.


Note: For the time being, we are not recommending it for farmers who use electricity to pump out water only. They employ heavy duty motors for this purpose. It is much cheaper to use WAPDA's electricity on specially introduced flat rates. Because a motor of 10 Horse Power being used for 24 hours for a tube well of 5 to 6 inches diameter will require around rupees six millions (sixty lakhs) for such an installation, based on the present total cost; unless specially prepared DC pumps are used for this purpose reducing the electricity cost  but increasing the enormous pump cost.

Unit  of maximum Load capacity of 1000 watts can run a middle size fan of 40 watts for whole day and  night and 2 energy savers of 13 watts for whole night; OR a water pump of quarter horse power for six hours; OR a TV of 20 inches or a computer for 8 hours, etc., etc. This is enough for a very small home.

If you use small fans of lower wattage, i.e., 20 watts you can use two fans instead of one. You can put a load of 1000 watts approximately on it at one time.

Cost based on  US $ = Pak Rs. 90/-